Welcome to Biclare

About Us:

At Biclare, we specialize in Providing the masses with potable water as it is becoming scarcer by the day.  With a commitment to the work we do and the water we provide, we aim to change the way people see the water industry indefinitely.


Mission: Within Biclare, we aim to deliver quality bottled water to the masses at an affordable price. making potable water an easily accessible resource.

Vision: our vision extends beyond the bounds of a niche; we aim to create a close-knit community with our customers and ensure a sense of loyalty. this will be our motto to attaining the top status in the Bottled water industry.

Core values: Commitment to cleanliness and quality of our products.

While ensuring quick service to all our customers.

Maintaining a loyalty factor towards our customers. 

Why Choose Us?

Backed with close to 2 decades of experience, our founders are equipped with the know-how of the water industry.

We leverage state-of-the-art filtration processes to ensure the quality of the water that reaches our customers.

We value our customers and make sure we provide customer care to the fullest of our abilities to ensure that our goal of creating a factor of trust among our buyers.

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