Our Facility

At Flora Water, we operate our facility responsibly and sustainably. Our production processes prioritize ethical and environmental standards, ensuring we deliver the highest quality water products. We hold ourselves accountable to these principles and invite you to visit and see our commitment to excellence and sustainability firsthand.

We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy

What we Believe

We believe in the power of responsibly sourced water, which is better for you, better for the environment, and better for our communities. Understanding the story behind your hydration is essential.

By choosing Flora Water, you support transparency and trust, knowing exactly where your water comes from, and the care taken in its production. For over three generations, we’ve been dedicated to sustainable practices, ensuring the highest quality water products for you and your loved ones.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


At Flora Water, our mission is to make high-quality water products accessible and affordable for everyone.


We envision Flora Water becoming the foremost brand in India’s water industry, setting the standard for excellence and innovation.

Core Values:

We are guided by a commitment to quality and exceptional after-sales service, ensuring that every interaction reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

At Flora Water, we embrace a holistic approach to water production, viewing it as more than just a process of bottling. Like organic farming, our philosophy revolves around sustainability and harmony with nature and the local community.

Flora Water is committed to environmental stewardship, participating in initiatives that restore natural habitats and promote biodiversity. Since our establishment, we have planted numerous trees and worked to restore local ecosystems, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.

Our Team


Mitul Patel: Founder of Flora Water, who laid the foundation of our journey in 2007 as a distributor and later expanded into manufacturing.

Ankit Patel: Partner since 2013, instrumental in steering the company towards success and growth.

Senior Management

Pankaj Bhai

Jivram Bhai

Jivram Bhai

Mayur Bhai

Floor Staff

A dedicated team of over 70 individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of our production facilities.

Our team, led by Mitul and Ankit Patel, is driven by a shared commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that Flora Water remains at the forefront of the industry.


Flora Water Timeline:

– 2007: Started as a distributor of water products.

– 2010: Entered the manufacturing sector.

– 12-12-2011: Established our own manufacturing unit in Udhana Darwaza, producing affordable water pouches and 20-litre bottles.

– 13-06-2018: Transitioned to PET bottles after the government banned water pouches. Initiated production with a machine capable of producing 90 Bottles Per Minute (BPM).

– 2019: Upgraded to a new machine with a capacity of 200 BPM.

– 12-12-2022: Expanded to Palsana with German-made machinery, increasing production to 400 BPM.

– 14-02-2024: Added machinery for plastic caps and closures.